All the Man's Presidents - Half-hour Comedy Pilot
Ghosts of former presidents return to influence modern politics after a conservative senator discovers the mysterious makeup compact that Nancy Reagan used to communicate with the dead.
co-written w/ Andy Kula

Space Kids - Feature
Four rebellious kids are accidentally launched into space on their last day of Space Camp, and realize that they are Earth’s only line of defense against an incoming asteroid.
co-written w/ Scott Gabriel

15-Love – Half-hour Comedy Pilot
After a disgraced teen pop star is kicked out of his tennis-themed boy band 15-Love, he moves back in with his oppressive parents and rejoins the high school life he thought he left behind.

Tainted Glove - Feature
An aging first baseman breaks into the Baseball Hall of Fame to retrieve evidence of his steroid abuse. If he can steal his glove before the museum turns it over to the feds, he just might save his legacy and his paycheck.

Awards and Honors


SFFILM FilmHouse Resident
original feature The Unbabymoon (2019)

Academy Nicholl Fellowship - Quarterfinalist 
original feature Space Kids (2017)

Austin Film Festival - Semifinalist
original pilot All the President’s Men (2017)

Jack Oakie Comedy Fellowship 
writer, original short screenplay Tainted Glove (2014)

 ASCAP Robert Allen Songwriting Award
writer and performer, original song “Chop Chop” (2008)